Teaching Philosophy

At BICC we believe that the teaching approach and the teacher/student relationship play a major role in the way students perceive education and construct an attitude towards learning.

It is our goal to make both teachers and students feel that they belong to the BICC family where all members are striving to assist each student to achieve their full potential academically, emotionally and physically. To that end our teaching philosophy endeavours to foster the following aspects.                 

Analytical Thinking:

By opening space for debates and questioning, students will be able to explore new frontiers and challenge boundaries in order to extract information. This helps build innovative and out of the box modes of thinking and approaches to life queries

Global Exposure

With all the technological advancement the world is witnessing, global exposure has become a must. We at BICC believe that students should learn how to understand, tolerate and accept “the Other” even in the case of disagreement. 


BICC will be keen on providing the students with the option of learning a second language fluently.